looking forward to the next opportunity…


Thanks to YOU we were the most voted, most shared, most viewed and most commented artist in the
Stadium of Fire competition to open for Keith Urban.

We doubled the nearest vote getter!

You guys were AMAZING. For one reason or another though, the committee decided on another contestant over us, which is disappointing. BUT we won’t give up. We’ll keep on swinging. We’ll build on this momentum and we’ll be grateful for the opportunity.

The biggest thing we re-learned from this?


You guys get it. You get what we’re trying to do and you support it. Thank you a million times over. BELOW IS A DOWNLOAD LINK to an unreleased cover of “The Middle” we’re planning on releasing soon but wanted to give to you as a small token of our
appreciation for supporting us so much in this competition. Now, we move on to focusing on the album release, building “The Preface” tour show and continuing our mission of uniting people of all ages, races and backgrounds through mainstream, profanity-free music.
The movement continues…

Love you guys,

Brydon and Aaron