The Old School Jams

This is a hidden page for our fans who want access to MP3 downloads of our back catalog.
The physical CD of “Once Upon a Night” is available for sale here.

P.S. If you want to read more about why we had take the old music off of Spotify, iTunes
and the other platforms, then just scroll down and read all about it.

“Warriors” will be featured on “The Preface” album.

 Why we had to take our old music down


If you've tried to access any of our old music or videos online recently you'll notice that they are no longer available.

This was a really tough decision.

We love our old music, so why did we feel like we had to do this?

Here's our best explanation...

#1 - Branding confusion. Obviously we are a duo now and not a trio. For new people discovering Prince Ivan we wanted to make sure they got to know the new Prince Ivan and weren't confused about who we are right off the bat.

#2 - This was the clincher for us. Booking agents told us we needed to do it because the music and videos were not accurate representations of what our show or group is anymore. They were running into problems promoting and selling Prince Ivan because venues and potential bookers didn't know what they would actually be buying.

#3 - As much as we love all of the old material, we are personally wanting to move forward with the new chapter in the Prince Ivan journey - shining a spotlight on what is new and fresh so that we can build the new brand and get people familiar with the duo's music and show.

So, what will we do with the old music?!

There are some great songs in our catalog - Red Hearts, Unknown, Dance in the Rain, Lean and Sway, Back to the Boogie, right?! We don't know entirely what we'll do but, once we've firmly established the new duo brand, we might re-release the songs and videos, re-record some of them or make them available as "Old School Prince Ivan" offerings or something like that. Some of the songs are too good for the world not to hear!

For now the physical CD of "Once Upon a Night" is available on our website and, if you want any of the other songs, then you’re on the right page. :)

We recognize that many of you have been with us from day one and are invested like we are in ALL of the music we've created. Hopefully though you can understand why we had to make this decision for now. It's not uncommon at all to do this type of thing when bands change or new albums are about to come out, but still, we know you are connected to the old music and we don't want you to feel like we stole it from you. So, download all of it (above) and you’ll have it forever.

We love you and appreciate how you always support and love us. Thank you! You are all amazing! Make a great day and stay tuned for more updates on "The Preface" launch coming soon!

🧡 you guys!
- Brydon and Aaron