February 2, 2017 Branson, MO—After a successful second summer season in Branson, MO in 2016, many have wondered what Prince Ivan’s plans are for 2017 and beyond. Group co-founder Brydon Brett responded, “We’ve had to take a step back for a few months and really evaluate where we’re going and how to get there,” he said. “When you’re chasing a dream as big as what we’re chasing, it takes a lot of strategy, think-through and hard work.” And what is the dream Prince Ivan is chasing? “We’re still focused on creating music that builds bridges between all races, religions and nationalities—music that brings the world together,” says Brett. “And when I say world, I mean world. We are still living by the mantra ‘from our Mom’s basement to Madison Square Garden,’ and we’re excited to be able to announce some of the beginning phases of our plan to get there.”

That plan certainly includes new music, new music videos, tour dates and many other exciting announcements to come. “We are very energized right now by the new music we’re working on,” says group co-founder Aaron Ellsworth. “We’ve been led to some amazing people and connections that we’ve been trying to sort through and explore, and we’ll be looking to make more exciting announcements soon.”

Fortunately for Prince Ivan’s faithful following here in the Ozarks, their plan includes more dates on Branson’s famed 76 Strip—now in a prime time slot at a new venue. “We are excited to be partnering with one of Branson’s finest theatre venues to bring the Prince Ivan experience to an 8:00 pm prime time slot in 2017,” says Brett. “We have been so blessed and honored at our partnership with the management and team at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater over these last two years. They believed enough in us to give us a shot and we can’t thank them enough for that.” After much deliberation, Prince Ivan and DCAB decided it would be best for the band to seek an 8:00 pm slot where they could be more accessible to a wider audience during Branson’s busy late Spring and Summer months.

Prince Ivan’s new schedule will feature the band at a “to be announced” location on Friday nights at 8:00 pm from April 28 to August 4. This schedule will allow the band to add tour dates during the remaining days of the week, work on new music and projects, and execute other elements of their plan—all with the purpose of spreading their musical message of love, joy and unity to a broader audience. “We feel like it’s time to really take what we’re doing to the next level,” says Ellsworth. “We are working hard and we can’t wait to share more of our journey with our wonderful fans and supporters here in Branson in 2017.” Tickets for Prince Ivan’s Branson concerts will go on sale soon and season passes will be available. Look for an official new venue announcement soon.

About Prince Ivan
Prince Ivan is a breath of fresh musical air. In a creative culture crying out for vision and sonic originality, Prince Ivan cuts through the noise with boldness, energy and a unique Top 40 sound that is progressive, current and throwback all at the same time. Their debut EP, “Once Upon a Night,” is available on iTunes and features the popular new singles, “Lean and Sway” and “Stay with Me.” Live on stage, Prince Ivan is captivating and engaging, inviting you into a world where love, joy and unity reign—where all fears and worries can be left behind. Their fully produced live concert can be experienced on tour or on select dates in Branson, Missouri.

Press Contact:
Faith Nelson