Originally posted 01 July 2016 by Janet Ellis, Joplin Globe, All Rights Reserved.

In Branson, the choices of what to see and do are seemingly unlimited, yet they continue to expand with each season.

Visitors are always asking:

“What’s new?”

“What would my family like?”

“What do you recommend?”

For the answer to those questions, many arrows point to Prince Ivan. Who is Prince Ivan, you ask? Well, Prince Ivan consists of three talented young singer-songwriters accompanied by a seven-piece band. They perform at the Dick Clark American Bandstand Theater. Two of the three of these goodwill ambassadors for the area are Garon and Brydon Brett, who virtually grew up on the Branson stage performing with their parents, Tom and Andrea, along with older sister Briahna in the award-winning “Brett Family Show.” The third member of the trio is Aaron Ellsworth, also a super talent whose vocal range is broad and impressive, serving as a perfect blend to the Prince Ivan sound.

A Prince Ivan show is full of original music, energy, lights, sound and video. There is a lot of dancing, and it’s really a concert feel, with the artists encouraging audience participation and interaction. The sound is smooth, and it is evident that these young men love performing and creating a bond with their audience. One of the most remarkable things about the Prince Ivan show is that it is definitely suitable for pretty much anyone in your household. Granted, the tweens and virdults (those too old to be kids but too young to be adults) will pretty much be up and dancing the whole show, but Mom and Dad and older generations will have a great time as well.

Prince Ivan’s song lyrics range from a fun, pop sound to powerful anthems. The fact that there’s no questionable or suggestive language or profanity is refreshing and makes the statement that these gifted young people want to produce a show that is professional, highly entertaining, full of punch with a pop vibe — yet nonoffensive with a positive message.

Don’t let the wholesome atmosphere lull you into thinking this is a boring, yawner of a concert. It is anything but that.

The show is sprinkled with artist interaction, effective lighting and videos — including the story of how Garon, Brydon and Aaron got together and came up with the name of the show.

The music has a top-40 vibe, and these 20-somethings cover the stage with lithe dance moves and choreographed steps that rival any group on the national scene.

These guys have smiles that are contagious, and it would be difficult to leave the show in a bad mood. The musicians are all masters of their instruments, and the background sound is full and top-notch. From the rhythm of the percussion to the bold, bright sounds of the horns, the band is the perfect accompaniment to the vocals of these three special individuals who blend as one.

With show times this summer at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesdays and a late show at 10:30 p.m on Fridays, this fresh, fun experience will be perfect for those looking for nighttime entertainment on the famed Highway 76 Strip.

Chances are it’ll be your own fault if you don’t burn a calorie partying with Prince Ivan at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater. For tickets, call 417-336-4222 or princeivan.com.


Janet Ellis lives in Branson. Contact her at janetellis27@gmail.com.